Mala Spirit

Mala Spirit: honest, fairtrade and ethical (bio) jewelry with the intention to spread love in the world

The Mala Spirit adventure started after I left everything I knew behind and opened up for life in a way I never experienced before. I started traveling away from everything that felt safe, friends, family, my cozy house and a great job. Soon I realised that as soon as I gave up one thing, other possibilities showed up immediately. Away from old beliefs, a space was created with possibilities I didn’t know before.

It was years before, that I fell in love with the malas that I saw in a boutique and I bought some for my statues at home.

When I started seriously traveling, my idea was to travel-, find volunteer work and through that, give back to the world that gave me so much. But even after a serious search, I couldn’t find a job that felt right. After traveling for months I came back to my home abroad and saw the sacred malas again and decided to connect with Soma Temple, the woman behind Aum Rudraksha Designs. It didn’t take long to have the feeling something beautiful was about to take place. Mala Spirit was born.

Now, a few years later, I can say that the ideas and products of Mala Spirit kept me going along the way.

The sacred rudraksha malas and precious gems bring clear and powerful energy. Next to that, they are fair-trade and provide jobs for many local people. All our rudraksha are sustainable harvested and ethically produced.

Mala Spirit sells fair trade (bio) jewelry with the intention to spread love in the world. We make the mala necklaces and bracelets in such a way, that they are useful for everyone. You can use the malas to count mantras during meditation, wear them as a symbol of compassion, as a talisman, use them for energetic support or as nice bio jewellery.

Mala Spirit supports good projects that contribute to a world in balance, for the earth, and man kind.

May there be Peace & Love among all beings of the Universe.

With Love,
Frank & my dear friend Ireen

 Mala Spirit

Mala Spirit is official distributor for Aum Rudraksha Designs in Europa

Aum Rudraksha Designs has been working for many years to create the most unique Rudraksha malas and jewelry in the world. Mixing the finest quality gemstones with rare Rudraksha, resulting in mala necklaces and mala bracelets that are healing, spiritual, and a lust for the eye.

Her spiritual teacher, PapaJi, gave her the advice to start searching for the source of the sacred rudraksha to make the most powerful malas and spread them in the west.

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