What is a mala

A question that we hear a lot, What is a mala? A mala is originally used as tool to count mantras during meditation. Many people get distracted during meditation. A mala can be a great help as a replacement for the counting of your mantras. After each mantra, your fingers goes to the next bead on your mala which keeps you away from different thoughts or counting as you stay with the mantra.  This makes a mala a great help, no matter what mala you have.

A mala is usually made of 108 beads +1 guru bead and a tassel. There are also malas with, for example 27 beads or 54 beads. It doesn’t matter what mala you have, it’s always related to number 108.

There are different types of malas, the Hindus for example, use a Rudraksha mala. Rudraksha are sacred and the oldest known prayer beads in the world. They are also called, the tears of Shiva. Two times a year the trees offer their fruits, in which the Rudraksha grow. This is a guarantee for a good supply of Rudraksha. Although, only in Souteast Asia where the trees grow. Beautiful is that no trees have to be cut to make the malas.

Even if you don’t use a mala to count your mantras, the Rudraksha are a great transmitter for energies which can help you in a whole different way during your meditation.

Malas that are combined with gemstones, also have healing properties. Look here for an explanation of the stones. What mala you choose depends on your intention and desire.

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