How to choose a mala

Choose a mala that really belongs to you. One that will be your companion for this period in life. The mala that will guide and protect you. Choose a mala that feels so good to wear, that it makes you just a little more amazing than you already are! But how to choose the right one? You can choose the right mala in various ways. First of all you can make a choice based on a chakra that needs to be supported, on a specific gemstone because of its properties or also on your own birthstone. But probably the best way is to choose on your own intuition. YOU are always the one who knows what is best for you at this time. Close your eyes, relax, open your eyes and look at all of them. Choose the mala that jumps out.

If you made your choice, feel welcome to read our gemstone descriptions and see if this resonates with who you are, or what you need at this point in life. If you keep doubting between one or another mala, you can also read about the different chakras. To which chakra belongs your favorite mala? Does it feel like you need some extra support in one or the other chakra? It’s really fun to look around and play with all different options we offer on this site. As a result, we are sure that you choose the mala that you will love!

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