Incense burner

A beautiful hand made incense burner with the image of a mandala. The original mandala is made by Japanese monks and sculpted in a huge tile and donated to a monastery on Java. During one of my trips through Indonesia I discovered this artwork.  Without that knowing this mandala became an symbol in my life. When Mala Spirit was established I used a part of the mandala as logo. The flower (in the middle), is for me a symbol of a new beginning and fertility. Born from a seed, later beautifully in bloom and end up as fertiliser for something new.
The originally mandala is a lot bigger than the Mala Spirit logo. On this incense holder is 2/3 of the entire mandala visible. The goose is the symbol of vigilance, travel, community knowledge, eloquence, and bringer of good news.

On this project I worked together with Chanti Mai (artwork) and Irene Loonstra (ceramics). It’s great to work with people who work from the heart.
The dish is in different colors available (green is sold out)! During the order process you can mention the color of your choose in the comment box.
If you want to know more about Mala Spirit, visit this page.

Diameter around 11,5 and 12 cm 

This incense holder is 100% handmade in the Netherlands.

Because each incense holder is handmade and the use of natural products, no two products are identical.