We use materials with the highest quality. All pieces are made with care and love. Even though, all pieces are delicate, we ask you to keep this in mind and to treat them with care, and also with respect, as Rudraksha are Sacred. See also how you can take care of your pieces.

Malas that break, for example, as a result of breaking a ‘karmic’ cycle, will be repaired free of charge unless otherwise agreed. A broken mala symbolizes a solved karmic cycle. With repairing the mala you bring back the cycle that was just resolved. But if you want, we do it with pleasure and with as much love as when we knotted the mala for the first time.

The shipping costs will be paid by you through your account. See also the General Conditions.

Most of our bracelets are stringed with durable elastic. Out of our own experience we can say that they last a long time. But how long they will last depends widely and on how you treat the bracelet. Some bracelets are as new even after 4 years, some look old after a few weeks. Key is to take them on and off carefully.

How does the warranty work?

Contact customer service info@malaspirit.nl and report the problem. After reporting, you receive a form that has to be filled in. If the repair has to take place within 4 months after purchase, we will take care of shipment to Bali. After this period, all shipping costs are for your expense.  The repair itself is free of charge.  It may take 6-8 weeks before you receive your Mala back as a result of shipping time.