For each chakra a fitting mala

Here you will find mala necklaces and mala bracelets corresponding with one or more of your 7 chakras.

The seven main chakras are located in a straight line from our spine to the crown. Chakras are centers of energy that allow, in an ideal situation, energy to flow to and from all 7 centers evenly.

If you wish to know more about the chakras, please view below on this page.

If you wish to see which malas and mala bracelets resonate with one specific chakra, you will find them easily with the selection option below.

1st Chakra – root chakra

2nd Chakra – sacral chakra

3rd Chakra – solar plexus chakra

5th Chakra – throat chakra

The 7 main chakras are

1. Root chakra

The Root chakra connects us strongly with the earth and our first necessaties of life.

2. Sacral chakra

The second chakra, or Sacral chakra, allows our feelings to flow and creates the possibilities for fruitful relationships. It’s the chakra for creativity.

3. Solarplexus

The Solarplexus helps to manifest our talents in the world and gives strength for expansion.

4. Heart chakra

The heart chakra teaches us the wisdom for love. Love is always the source of healing.

5. Throat chakra

The throat chakra allows us to communicate in pureness and opens the door to self expression.

6. Third eye chakra

The third eye chakra opens the ability for independance, inspiration and deep insights.

7. Crown chakra

The crown chakra offers us complete clarity in life and offers us consciousness in every moment.